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NJCTTP is funded under a federal grant and we must have your cooperation in keeping our expenses reasonable, auditable and compliant with the grant. 


NJCTTP will reimburse individuals for reasonable, necessary, appropriate and approved travel and business expenses.


Travel Expense Reimbursement

Reimbursement for travel related expenses may be requested by submitting a Travel Expense Report.  Travelers must itemize all expenses on the form and attach the appropriate receipts.  Reimbursement for goods or services (including transportation, lodging, etc.) that are provided free of charge, paid for by another source, or are not related to the training will not be reimbursed.


Travelers must submit their Travel Expense Reports within 10 days after their return from a business trip.  Late Travel Expense Reports may require written justification as to why the Report was not submitted in a timely manner.   Travel Expense Reports submitted beyond 60 days will not be reimbursed.


 Questions pertaining to the NJCTTP Travel Policy should be discussed with the appropriate program contact person prior to travel.


Major Conveyance

NJCTTP travel policy requires the use of the most reasonably routed, practical, lowest cost option for intercity travel. 


By Air

Coach class tickets aboard a regularly scheduled commercial carrier will be reimbursed.  NJCTTP expects that reasonable effort will be made to obtain the lowest cost ticket possible.  This may involve the use of a connecting flight and/or other than your preferred carrier.


Airline ticket purchases (electronic or through a travel agency) require an original airline receipt. A detailed invoice/itinerary (which may also be identified by the air carrier as a receipt), as long as it shows all times of departure, flight numbers, class of service, fare basis, ticket or confirmation number, and cost of ticket, along with proof of payment (i.e. credit card being charged) will be accepted as an original receipt.  E-mail confirmations, travel agency receipt or credit card receipts are not adequate and will not be reimbursed.


Airfare exceeding $750 or the purchase of tickets to/from destinations other than a traveler’s home city and the destination city for the training must be pre-approved by NJCTTP.  Airfare must be booked at least 21 days in advance to ensure the best possible airfare. 


By Rail/Commercial Bus

Rail/commercial bus travel will be reimbursed for the reasonable, actual cost.  A ticket stub or a detailed receipt showing the fare and payment method must be submitted.


By Personal Automobile

Personal automobile costs will be reimbursed at the federal rate at the time of the event.  Travel by personal automobile to assignments that would normally warrant air/rail travel must be pre-approved by the appropriate program contact.  In all cases, the maximum reimbursement will be equivalent to the lowest cost option for the trip.


Ground Travel

NJCTTP encourages the use of the most economical methods of transportation.  This means the use of public transportation whenever practical. The use of private limousine services is NOT permitted. 


Local ground transportation to /from transit or air terminals, long-term parking at terminals, hotel or assignment location is reimbursable.  Transportation to miscellaneous locations such as specific restaurants, tourist sites, etc. is not reimbursable.  Receipts showing the amount and date of service are required for all expenses in excess of $50.00. 


Car Rental

Automobile rentals require pre-approval by NJCTTP.  Original receipts and the car rental contract are required for reimbursement of expenses associated with renting a car. 



NJCTTP will reimburse lodging for trips of more than 100 miles one-way (exceptions to this policy must be justified and pre-approved prior to travel.)  The number of hotel nights that will be reimbursed for each trip will depend on the length of the training and travel considerations.   The departure date will depend on flight availability and travel times.  A traveler is authorized for the additional night stay if travel on the last day of the assignment would result in arrival times in his/her home city after 11:00 pm local time.  Clarifications or deviations from this policy can be discussed with the NJCTTP contact. 


Original receipts must substantiate lodging expenses.  Travelers are expected to use good judgment when selecting a hotel and obtain the most reasonable rate possible.  The original receipt must specify rate, date(s) of stay, and evidence of payment (zero balance.)  An express check out receipt is acceptable if it itemizes expenses, names the traveler and names the credit card used (the credit card number is not needed).  Credit card receipts alone are not adequate support. 


Lodging expenses for the traveler only will be considered reimbursable.  Entertainment (including in-room movies) laundry, valet service and extra cost of added person(s) in the room will not be reimbursed. 


Personal telephone calls, fax and computer services are not reimbursable.  When necessary, reasonable business telephone calls and computer services will be reimbursed, provided documentation is presented.


Meal Expenses

NJCTTP will reimburse travelers for meals while in travel status.  Meal expenses will be reimbursed based on the current IRS per diem rates.

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