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The New Jersey Council on Special Transportation (NJ COST), a statewide advocacy association formed in 1981 has provided information and support for community-based transit services. 

NJ COST’s purpose is to provide a forum for the exchange of transportation knowledge and experience throughout the transportation community in New Jersey.  NJ COST seeks information and advice from qualified experts to share with members as well as promotes activities to enhance the coordination of transportation services provided by local, regional, county municipal and state entities. NJ COST also provides education and training not only to our members but also provides information to those who are less familiar with New Jersey paratransit and community transportation issues including state legislators and government officials. 

NJ COST is designated as a not for profit 501 C(6) organization. 

Members & Membership: 
The New Jersey Council on Special Transportation membership consists of transportation representatives from New Jersey’s 21 counties as well as a variety of other agencies, including municipal, state, not-for-profit social service and private business’ who specialize in providing transportation services to senior citizens, persons with disabilities, veterans, the economically disadvantaged and in some cases the general public where conventional fixed route transit is not available.  

  • Active Membership may include state, county,  municipal and state government transportation representatives as well as not-for-profit and for-profit organizations and any other agencies engaged in the planning and/or operation of community transportation services.  Active Membership may also include organizations/agencies that do not provide direct transportation services but advocate on behalf of those requiring such services.  Active Membership includes voting privileges. 


  • Associate Membership may include all other agencies, organizations, or individuals employed in the community transportation industry (including former members and/or former members who retired).  Associate membership may also include staff of Corporate (Business) Member companies/agencies that are involved with the direct and daily operation of community transportation brokerage services.  Associate Membership does not include voting privileges. 


  • Corporate (Business) Membership may include any for-profit corporation/business that may offer goods, services, advice, supplies, etc. to the paratransit/community transportation industry.  Corporate Membership does not include voting privileges,

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